10 bad habits and other nonsense behind the wheel on vacation

Holidays and traffic statistics are usually never a good combination. Unfortunately, the periods of rest and, especially, the summer bring with it an increase in the accident rate, as well as certain types of traffic fines.

According to the DGT, traffic accidents increase by around 20% during the summer season and 39% of drivers drive over speed limits.

However, there is also a set of bad habits committed behind the wheel that have a special incidence throughout the summer.

For some reason, vacations create a certain relaxation when it comes to respecting basic safety measures behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of an accident and can also lead to traffic fines.

# 1 Drive with more passengers than allowed

A gathering of family or friends, a single car and a short trip to a place of entertainment are often the ingredients of this dangerous cocktail.

It is not necessary to enter to assess the discomfort of this bad habit. The risk that passengers are taking, especially if they are minors, is more than obvious.

If this is not convincing to you, perhaps a traffic fine of between 80 and 200 euros is more persuasive.

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# 2 Load the trunk as if you were moving

Acknowledge it:

During the holidays you always carry more luggage than necessary.

Worst of all is not the hassle of having to load and unload all that set of suitcases and packages, but the consequences it has for the safety and performance of the vehicle.

# 3 Do not use child restraint systems

The rush and vehicle changes are often behind this terrible recklessness often committed in summer.

All children with a height less than 150 cm. –Regardless of the distance of the journey– they must travel with an approved and properly fastened child restraint system. Otherwise, you will be putting your life in danger in the event of an accident on the road.

# 4 Dispense with the seat belt

The fine for driving without a seat belt amounts to 200 euros and is applied to the offender, with the exception of minors, in which case the legal guardians must respond.

However, this should not be the main reason to wear a seat belt at all times. Having an accident driving at just 45 km / h is equivalent to falling from a third floor.

# 5 Delay vehicle maintenance

The long trips to which we subject our cars during the holidays are usually the last straw that ends up generating a major breakdown.

Changing the oil and coolant, as well as the corresponding filters are some of the basic maintenance measures that are delayed more often than they should be. The most frequent result is to suffer a breakdown during the departure or return of the holidays.

# 6 Driving with worn tires or bad pressure

As we pointed out in our article on the influence of tires on driving , incorrect tire pressure has multiple repercussions, among which are the increase in fuel consumption or a reduction in grip.

Worn tires mean that the car behaves unpredictably and does not respond effectively to cornering and braking.

# 7 Drive with the car in reserve

It is not uncommon for drivers to choose to top up the fuel in the tank during long trips to the resort.

However, the fuel pump can be seriously damaged if the fluid in the tank runs out.

This takes place because current cars with electronic injection systems require that the pump remain submerged and properly lubricated at all times.

We recommend you read our list of the worst vices at the wheel , to preserve the mechanics of your car for as long as possible.

Why is renting for individuals an excellent option?

  • Do you know article 13, paragraph 2 of the Road Safety Law? According to this rule, the driver is obliged to “maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, which guarantee his own safety, that of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle and that of others. road users ”.

This provision raises a considerably broad legal framework that allows the following driving habits to be subject to administrative sanction.

# 8 Driving barefoot or with flip flops

As common as it is dangerous, this habit is highly impractical and unsafe.

According to the clarifications made by the DGT, the support surface as well as the grip are diminished. In addition, the danger of the foot slipping or the flip-flop getting under one of the pedals can be the trigger for a traffic accident.

# 9 Eating or drinking while driving

Consuming food or beverages while driving is part of the popular culture of our country. However, it implies an obvious reduction of attention on the road and, depending on the case, it can generate serious distractions.

# 10 Driving in a swimsuit or without a shirt

Summer heat and a fast commute are often the main excuses for ditching the shirt while driving.

Although it may be somewhat surprising on the surface, this custom carries certain risks and could even carry administrative penalties in some circumstances.

The DGT has clarified that the state security forces are not dedicated to fining drivers for dispensing with the shirt or T-shirt while they are behind the wheel. However, he has pointed out several aspects that could justify a sanction if the agent considers it appropriate.

  • On the one hand, the airbag can cause serious injuries when traveling with an uncovered torso. This issue has also been raised from the point of view of the seat belt and the risk of friction injuries.
  • On the other hand, the DGT has also warned that, in some contexts, traveling with a naked torso can distract other drivers and generate a greater risk of accidents.

As you have seen, the holiday season generates certain behaviors behind the wheel of doubtful justification that do not imply any type of improvement in our driving experience, but that can bring us some other displeasure.

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