10 good reasons to renew your car

There are many reasons to renew your car, greater security, fuel savings, and even greater comfort. In this article, we want to tell you about several benefits of renewing your car.

Without further ado, we present you the advantages of renewing your old car with one, if not new, then a more recent model.

More safety

Driving an old car greatly increases the possibility of having an accident, yes; If you think about it a bit, it is logical because the operation of a vehicle with several years of use is not that reliable and can leave you stranded there.

In the case of a new car, in addition to having a guarantee on its mechanics, you can get better security systems in the car and more technology.

You pollute less

A new vehicle works normally and therefore emits less polluting gases, generally speaking, of course, because there are vehicles that do not pollute as much depending on the model.

As an extra benefit of having a car that does not pollute, is that you can drive every day if you get the 00 verification hologram.

Fuel economy

An older car uses more fuel because the engine does not work the same way as when it was built.

It is said that an eight-year-old car uses about 40% more fuel, this would be an extra expense that a new car would not have.

Fewer repairs

Another clear advantage of owning a new car is the low probability of breakdown. This is the opposite of a vehicle with more than ten years of use, in which repairs are expensive because important parts must be renewed to keep it running.

You also have to take into account if the car is very old, many of the parts may stop being manufactured and finding them becomes torture, a situation that makes it less profitable cars.

Driving more comfortable

It is very common for the interior of an old car to have deformed seats, the knob on the windows does not work or the air conditioning does not work, no matter how patient we have when driving, all this will end up irritating us.

On the other hand, when you get into a new car and have a larger space, with adjustable seats and technology that facilitates driving, it will be much more pleasant to start your day behind the wheel.

Greater technology

More and more cars incorporate more and better technology in all versions of their models. Having a GPS or being able to connect to the Internet opens up a world of possibilities and with hands-free or Bluetooth devices, the possibility of accidents is reduced.

The technology is also being applied to improve safety in adults who are still behind the wheel for long periods of time. There are cars with adapted rooms, with more visible and user-friendly controls.

Better stability

We have already mentioned the safety issue but one aspect that deserves special attention is the stability of the car because when a car has already been used for several years, the suspensions and the braking system do not react in the same way.

That these components do not work properly reduces the stability of the car, so the importance of having a car that works normally.

Saving money

Fewer repairs, better gas mileage, and increased safety mean you save a lot of money on a new car. And not only do you save on the mechanical aspect of the car, giving an old car a pleasant appearance is much more expensive as well and we cannot forget the interior, since new clothes or fixing the air conditioning is an expense that you can avoid with a new car.

Greater Opportunities

Today there are literally thousands of car models and trim options to choose from. It is important that you make a thoughtful decision that is why we share 5 aspects to consider when choosing the ideal car.


A very practical way to constantly renew your car is to hire a car lease. With this model, you can renew your contract even every two years and change cars periodically.

Also in a lease, you can deduct monthly payments and car expenses such as parts, services up to a percentage of the cost of fuel.

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