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12 Tricks For Beginner Drivers That Don’t Teach You In Driving Schools

by Faysel
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Even those who are not behind the wheel for the first time, do not always know about the subtleties and nuances that make automotive life easier.

Cars News 4u tells you about how to feel comfortable on the road, learn to avoid dangerous situations and become a safe driver.

12. Check if the mirror is adjusted correctly

If the side mirrors are adjusted incorrectly, then part of the road will be a blind spot, which, as the name implies, you will not be able to see and therefore will not be able to notice a car in the neighboring lane. So that this point does not exist, adjust the side mirrors in such a way that your car is not visible in them , or that it is visible only a little. 

To check whether or not there is a blind spot, move the car slowly into reverse near another car that is stationary, looking at the side mirror. As soon as this vehicle has disappeared from view, you should be able to see it in the rear view mirror. 

The rearview mirror is configured in such a way that the car’s rear window can be fully seen in it. When you have adjusted the mirrors, take the position in which you frequently sit behind the wheel.

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