Basic Guide for Novice Motorists

Before going out to drive, there are certain basic knowledge and habits that every driver should have.

When buying a new car you are not only buying a tool to transport yourself every day, you are also acquiring the responsibility of being a good driver and taking the best care of the unit. Although there are automotive workshops, it is ideal that you have some basic knowledge  of how the vehicle works and mechanics in case of an emergency.

Here is a basic guide to what you should know about your unit if you are a new motorist. 

Before starting to explain about mechanics , it must be clarified that this does not mean that you will be a technical person, but you will be able to identify some faults that may arise. Some can be solved, others you will need a professional in the field.

The first thing you should do is read the user manual , which will help you better understand how the vehicle works Afterwards, schedule maintenance appointments at the agency so that it is in excellent condition. As a tip, schedule it in your phone’s agenda so that you don’t forget the day you have to go to the mechanic shop.

It may seem obvious, but if at some point when you start the car it does not start the first thing you should make sure is that you have gasoline  Making a calendar of how much you are spending and when you charge will allow you to take control of your gasoline and thus know the days when you will need more fuel again and the necessary budget. 

If this is not the problem, check if there is any light or indicator on the dash; this could give an indication of where the fault is.

If turning the key doesn’t start or the lights work, it could be the battery. In that case you can ask another motorist to “pass you current” to be able to transit. To do this, you need a cord set with pliers, open the chest of both cars, then connect the clamps: the red wires are connected to the positive (+) and black to the negative (-).

Once connected, start the car and leave it at 2,000 rpm, wait 5 minutes and start the car that was unloaded. If it works, leave it on and remove the clamps, first the black wires, then the red ones. Keep the vehicle running for about 20 minutes for it to charge. If the problem persists, it is a good idea to think about a change to this part or a visit to the workshop. 

Another thing you should learn is to change a tire and always carry the spare. Also, certain tools that are basic for the unexpected. It is important that you have insurance, which will protect you when you stay on the road. Wash the car once a week, vacuum it, and do not use it as a wardrobe or office, only leave what is necessary.

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