Calming down aggressive driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), rage while driving “involves a criminal act of violence, while aggressive driving can range from following someone too closely to running a red light.”

Driving rage is an epidemic among drivers that can cause serious consequences, including death in the case of a car accident. Clearing your mind and driving calmly and safely can save your life.

Let’s talk about some ways to combat rabies while driving and how to avoid dangerous actions.

What is aggressive driving?

Aggressive driving is the gateway to driving rage. Maybe you were just strolling when someone started following you too closely. You quickly got angry and started to brake short and swerve to keep them from passing. This type of aggression can be dangerous and lead to worse actions.

Aggressive driving could include things like: following too closely, cutting the road, cursing other drivers, not using your flashers, speeding, flashing your high beams, and honking your horn. All of this can happen when you are angry or upset. It is important to take control at this stage before it escalates into a rage while driving.

What is rage while driving?

When your anger is totally out of control, your actions can change from just being aggressive to being violent. This can include pulling another car off the road, colliding on purpose, or parking and starting a physical confrontation.

These actions are not only illegal: they are extremely dangerous, and even deadly.

Causes of rabies while driving

Various situations in addition to what happens in the car can make you more prone to anger when driving at certain times. Maybe you lost your job, or you are separating from your spouse. These life changes are extremely stressful. It is understandable that you are upset, but as a driver you should be aware that you could be more easily provoked at this time.

Some people are always more susceptible to rabies when driving. This can include people with certain psychological disorders and in certain age groups. Young men statistically have the highest aggressive driving and driving rage rates. If you are one of these types of people, or if you know you have a difficult temperament, you need to be aware of that while driving.

Calm rage while driving

If you notice that you are starting to get angry, put on some relaxing music. For some, that may mean choosing a light music station, and for others it could be “country” music.

Before your anger gets too out of control, try changing your mindset. Realize that traffic is part of driving, and other drivers are just trying to get to their destinations just like you.

Keep a good distance between your car and other vehicles. This can prevent you from causing any conflict with the person in front of you. 

If another driver is showing signs of anger while driving towards you, try to defuse the situation. Wave at them, or tell them you’re sorry with your lips. If they are trying to pass, allow them to pass easily. 

This means being the best person. If you feel that someone is becoming violent against you, call the police immediately.

When your anger starts to get out of your control, park. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine the negative consequences of a backlash, and wait until you have control over your emotions and actions before driving again. This tactic can prevent you from doing something you have to regret because of your driving rage.

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