Care and maintenance of your car during the contingency by COVID-19

The sudden appearance of COVID-19 has caused sanitary measures to be applied around the world that limits free movement. In Asia, the risk is still latent, so it is important to follow the recommendations that the health authorities have issued and avoided going out to the street to prevent new infections.

Conducta Vial Quálitas undertook the task of gathering the following tips so that at the end of this health emergency you can guarantee the proper functioning of your car.

Battery care

The battery is the heart of a car. Even when the power is turned off, many functions can continue to consume power to the point of exhaustion. To avoid this, the experts from the EuroTaller network recommend removing the battery cables if the vehicle is going to be immobilized for a long period.

Before carrying out the above, it is important that you read your owner’s manual, since the computer of some vehicles can deprogram functions if the power is interrupted. If there is no possibility of causing any damage, remove the battery cables and take the opportunity to clean the terminals and connections with an anti-corrosive material. Now, if there is a risk of damage, you can always choose to start the car once or twice a week for ten minutes for the battery to recharge.

Change of oil, filters and antifreeze

While you are at home, you can learn how to change the oil and filters in your car and, in the process, refill the antifreeze tank.

Whether your car is idle for a short time or a long time, replacing the oil and filters on a timely basis can extend its life. As a general rule, both the oil (if it is synthetic) and the oil and air filters should be changed every 10,000 km. If the oil is mineral, it must be changed every 5,000 km.

To change the oil in your car, wait until it is completely cold. The first thing you should do is get under your car and locate the crankcase cover. Next, unscrew the drain plug and place a container just below to drain the old oil. Once the crankcase is drained, put the plug back in place. Then you should replace the oil and air filters. When you have done this, pour the new oil into the corresponding tank.

Consult your user manual to find out what type of oil your car uses and how many liters it needs. The manual will also tell you which oil and air filter models you must purchase to perform this maintenance.

Take care of the tires

When a vehicle is immobile for long periods, its tires can deteriorate. Over time, the weight of the car, coupled with atmospheric conditions, tends to cause deformation. To avoid this problem, RO-DES recommends inflating the tires above the pressure set by the manufacturer, so that they can better support the weight of the car. Another option to free the tires from the pressure exerted by the vehicle is to support it on hydraulic jacks, in such a way that the weight is not completely concentrated on them.

Leaves the fuel tank at half capacity

Gasoline is a fuel that generates many gases, and these can deteriorate the interior of the tank. For this reason, it is recommended to leave the tank at half its capacity if the car is going to be stopped for a while.

Keep your car clean

Dirt from birds, dust, and the sun can seriously damage your car’s paint. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it every two weeks and, if possible, protect it with a waterproof cover that does not retain moisture. It is also advisable to place hardware on the windows to prevent the sun from ruining the dressings and the dashboard.

Disinfect your car

If for any reason you must drive during the health emergency, be sure to disinfect the dash, steering wheel, handles, and the entire interior of your car. The WHO indicates that the coronavirus can survive several days on a surface if the right conditions are presented for its preservation. Therefore, clean the interior and exterior handles every time you use your vehicle. Also, be sure to use the antibacterial gel before entering it.

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