Facts You Should Know About Used Car Warranties

New vehicles usually come with manufacturer warranties. But if you are purchasing a used car, it is vital to check if there is some kind of warranty and what it might cover. You will need to examine any sort of warranty closely to see whether it is worth the additional cost if it is one you would have to buy separately.

When we refer to used vehicle warranties, we simply mean any sort of warranty you may get for a used vehicle – whether it is backed by a dealer or manufacturer.

Buckle up as we examine a few vital things to know about used vehicle warranties.

For warranty details, look to the ‘Purchasers Guide’

Info about any used vehicle warranty should available in what is called a purchasers guide. Dealers are needed by FTC, to show this in used vehicles that are for sale. You can normally find the purchaser’s guide showed on the vehicle’s window.

 The purchaser’s guide says whether the car comes with a warranty or being sold is as. Purchasing an as-is vehicle means that if you run into any problem or your car needs repairs after driving it off much, you are likely out of luck. If the vehicle does come with a warranty, the purchaser guide should include the percentage of repair expenses the dealer is needed to pay as part of the warranty – if it is needed to pay for any of the maintenances at all.

Many states restrict what cars might be sold as is or have different laws around these sorts of sales. For example, if a used vehicle is selling above a certain cost, as in sale might not be allowed, and a few states need diff disclosures on the purchasers guide for as-is a sale.

Manufacturer’s warranty might still apply

There is a chance that a developer’s warranty still applies when you’ve used vehicle. You might be capable to find this under the systems covered/duration part of the purchaser’s guide.

Not every car warranty is created equal

If your car does come with a used vehicle warranty, the coverage might be limited.

The warranty should offer specifics on the car service agreement and explain who’s legally responsible for the repairs. Look over the well print get whole the details and ensure all of your questions are answered before purchase your car.

Are extended warranties worth it? Yes, but It depends..

When you buy a used car, you might have the option to buy a service agreement, also recognized as an extended warranty. With a service agreement, the dealers agree to perform or pay for some repairs on the vehicle. You can purchase the coverage for an additional cost.

Explore the alternatives

Feeling unsure about obtaining a used vehicle that does not come with a warranty? Thinking that the cost of a warranty might be worth it? Always consider these other options:

  • Lease a vehicle.
  • Put the money aside for repairs.

Final words

When you purchase a used vehicle, check carefully to see if a warranty is available and what sort of warranty or service agreement it’s, and what it might cover. If there is not one, you will want to examine the info deeply to see if an extended warranty is the ideal option for your financial condition – or if you will be capable to manage to pay for some repairs without a warranty at all.

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