How does your driving style influence passenger comfort?

Whether it is a family trip or the transport by car of clients or employees of a business, the comfort of the passengers is a factor that is usually not taken into account as much as it should be.

In this sense, both the characteristics of the vehicle and the driving style of the person at the wheel directly influence the comfort experienced by the passengers.

On this occasion, we will highlight a range of circumstances and h abit conduction n you need to keep in mind the next time you put on the steering wheel in the company of others. 

The sensation perceived by driver and passengers is very different

First of all, you should be aware that the sensation perceived by the driver is different from that of the rest of the people who are inside the interior of the vehicle, especially those who travel in the rear axle.

Remember that, as a driver, you know what your intentions are when a maneuver is imminent.

However, passengers have no way of anticipating your decisions, so they will experience a very unpleasant sense of anxiety and helplessness.

Some drivers have a bad habit of accelerating abruptly when starting off, overtaking, or joining the road.

The truth is that, except in emergency situations or when road conditions require reaching a certain speed quickly, using the accelerator in this way is unnecessary and, above all, very uncomfortable for other passengers.

Sudden braking

The same can be said of the sudden braking that usually takes place, either in arrivals at intersections and roundabouts, or in traffic jams, and always as a result of driving too fast.

These poor driving habits are  not only very uncomfortable from a passenger perspective, but can also be the trigger for rear-end collisions or due to the appearance of an unexpected obstacle.

Passing through hairpin bends at high speed

The sensation of speed is noticeably accentuated when cornering, especially if it is particularly tight.

If you want to test the grip of the tires and the stability of your car in extreme situations, it is best to go to a speed track.

On the highway, using excessive speed when cornering can be as dangerous as it is uncomfortable for passengers.

It is true that, thanks to current electronic stability control systems, safety when cornering has been considerably improved; But that is no reason to force passengers to hold onto the car’s handles.

Passing speed bumps or other obstacles

The use of speed bumps on the streets of our cities has proliferated enormously over the last decade.

Interestingly, this type of measure was applied to force drivers to reduce the speed at which they usually approached zebra crossings.

In any case, speed bumps have always been a more or less frequent resource in dangerous areas where you want to actively limit speed.

The point is that the bad habit of overcoming these types of obstacles as quickly as possible still persists in many drivers.

Needless to say, the feeling experienced by the passengers is quite unpleasant.

In addition, the suspension system suffers greatly when speeding speed bumps.

How can you correct these bad habits?

The best way to correct these bad habits and ensure that passengers travel comfortably is to adopt a driving style based on anticipation.

This is something that we cover in detail in our Fundamental Guide to Efficient Driving .

  • Anticipating while driving means paying attention to everything that is several hundred meters ahead of the vehicle and that may involve a change in direction or speed.
  • In those cases in which, due to lack of visibility, it is not possible to anticipate the circumstances of the road, it will be necessary to slow down enough to be able to react to any unforeseen event.

Driving based on anticipation represents a notable increase in safety, as well as an improvement in the comfort of all passengers, since they are saved from having to suffer all the sudden maneuvers that we have previously explained.

But that is not all!

This driving style also enables great fuel savings and better preservation of the car’s mechanics.

This is due to two reasons:

  • On the one hand, the use of the accelerator is limited, since the imminent arrival of a braking zone has already been foreseen.
  • On the other hand, the use of the brake is reduced, since it has stopped accelerating early and the car decelerates thanks to the rolling resistance of the tires and the air, as well as the effect of the engine brake.

In short, a small change in your driving style can translate into a great improvement for your pocket and for the experience of the passengers who travel with your company.

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