How to change the windshield wipers

It is raining in the street. You’re on the road on that rainy day, when good visibility is of the utmost importance and you can’t see anything because your windshield wipers aren’t doing their job as they should.

This is something that has happened to the vast majority of drivers. And yet it is common for people not to change their windshield wipers until they are completely worn out. In general, it is advisable to change them every six or twelve months, especially if you park your vehicle on the street or if you live in the desert or arid area.

For many, changing the windshield wipers may seem complicated, but there is nothing to fear. In this article we show you step by step what is the process you should follow to learn how to change windshield wipers and replace them with new ones.

1. Make an inspection

The best way to know if you need to replace your windshield wipers is to have regular inspections. If they are broken, worn or torn, you should change them as soon as possible. Winters can be especially harsh on windshield wipers, and since conditions can vary from car to car, it’s always a good idea to check your owner’s manual.

2.Measure the length of your wipers

Before you go to the store to buy your parts, be sure to measure the length of your wipers so you know which ones you should buy. Although they may all seem similar in size, the truth is that each car has its own dimensions for the windshield wipers. In the store, also measure the parts you are going to buy. Do not assume that the two windshield wipers will be the same since, generally, one always tends to be an inch or two more than the other.

3.Raise the windshield wiper and place it correctly

Be careful as the windshield wiper could pop out and break the glass of your car. Place the windshield wiper in an upright position with a 90 degree angle. Once positioned in this way, you will most likely hear a “click” and this will mean that the windshield wiper has been secured.

4.Remove the old brushes

With the windshield wiper set horizontally, it’s time to replace the parts. Although every vehicle is different, windshield wipers typically have two components to secure them to the metal shoulder. Loosen them and carefully pull until you have completely removed the brush.

5.Install the new parts

Once you have removed the old brushes, you only have one last step and that is to put the new ones. But first, this might be a good time to clean your shoulder. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove any dust or other dirt. Depending on the adjustment system that your car has, the process will change slightly, but generally you will have to place the new piece facing the windshield, carefully slide it into the connector and press until you hear the adjustment “click” again.

6.Lower the shoulder

Your last step is to carefully lower your shoulder to the starting position. Repeat these same steps with the other windshield wiper.

7. make sure they work

Don’t wait for the next downpour to see if your windshield wipers are working properly. Do the test as soon as you have finished installing the new parts.

Following these tips will help ensure greater visibility as well as greater safety behind the wheel.

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