For a long time, I wanted to tell you some of my tricks to find bargains and bargains in car rental to travel cheaply.

There are several tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind if you are thinking of renting a car for the holidays, either to visit the US and Portugal, Europe or to move around an island like Tenerife. Most of the features are common and are sure to come in handy if you’re thinking of renting a car.

The best comparators to rent a car

Nowadays the big travel comparators like Kayak, Skyscanner, or Momondo; are so complete that they not only offer the possibility of searching for hotels and of course flights; but also make great quests car rental with filters and parameters that can reach us find authentic offers.

Whenever I need a car for my trips I use these tricks that I am going to tell you about now and I have got cars for days for only a few euros .

The first of the tips that I give you is to consult these three comparators . Set the city, the dates and you will be able to see that, sometimes, they have different prices .


I really like how it works and it usually gives very good prices . Next to the price is the rental company . One of the disadvantages that I see is that when using it I miss some filters that are important to me, such as the mileage limitation , which especially if we want to make long trips , we must take into account.

It also does not allow filtering by fuel policy , by payment by credit or debit card; or by the cancellation policy.

As I was saying, it is something that I miss in this comparator, but if we do not have any preferences in terms of search filters, it can give us very good prices.


Surely you know this meta search engine. It is one of the best known in our country and Europe and is one of the leaders in the sector as it is highly specialized in rental cars.

I like a lot, above all, how it appears when searching for city and time; all the options and prices segmented by the different collection areas. Something that can be tremendously useful if we do not go to cities such as Madrid, directly to the Atocha, Chamartín stations or the airport.


Very very similar in terms of appearance to the Kayak search engine , it even appears the indicator of the average price of car rentals on the dates we are looking for to know if it is the most optimal moment, or not; to find good rental car deals.

In this search engine, we already have some more interesting and advanced filters than with Kayak, since we can select, for example, between different policies: cancellation, fuel, additional driver, etc.


Finally I have left my favorite . Why it is is simple: basically because it has a lot of filters and options to streamline and customize the search, which for me honestly makes it the most complete of all the ones I know.

In its interface, when we search for dates and city , the company in question will not appear, but it does give us information about the fuel policy, if it includes a shuttle bus that allows us to pick up the car for example without having to walk to from the airport terminal or train station …

The best thing, as I was saying, is that it gives the option of selecting filters that I personally use a lot: like the one with unlimited mileage, and that both Momondo and Kayak do not allow.

8 tips for finding car rental deals

  • Better if it is 3 days: You must bear in mind that the most expensive car rentals are those that last less time. Normally with all companies, you will see how if you make a reservation of at least 3 days, the cost per day is reduced proportionally. If you have the option, my advice is that you make the reservation of 3 or more days to get the maximum profitability and the bargain is greater.
  • Split by hours: Most agencies tend to bill in 24-hour installments, so you have to be careful with the hours that are set from start to finish. For example, if you make a reservation from a Thursday at 9 in the morning until the following Sunday at 8 in the afternoon, although the reality is that there are 3 and a half days of reservation; the agency will probably count the billing cycle as if it were 4 days, so the best formula to save money is usually to rent from noon to noon.
  • Fuel policy: One of the great points to which we must not lose detail. Keep in mind that the best option is full-full to avoid unforeseen costs. As a general rule, the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel with which it was collected. If this requirement is not met, companies can charge the remaining amount (at a price higher than the market) and even a supplement for managing the refueling.
  • Deliver the car to a different office from where it was collected: Generally, it is more expensive because they charge you an extra fee as it is one-way, although there are times that companies make offers precisely to take advantage of those routes. The Driiveme page publishes these types of offers where you can find point-to-point routes for as little as 1 euro.
  • Distance traveled: Although the usual thing is that there is no mileage limit, some companies to lower costs and especially thinking about those people who are going to travel through a specific region and not do much mileage; They have included a policy that includes limited mileage in order to cut costs. If you are not going to do many kilometers, of course, it can be an interesting formula for you. Of course, you must be careful because, in the case of exceeding the limit, they can charge you a lot of penalties.
  • Free cancellation: As I said, practically all car rentals allow you to cancel up to 24-48 hours before. One trick is that if you want to cancel at the very last minute, you change the date again (they let you do this) and then you already cancel before 48 hours of the second reservation.
  • What the insurance covers: You have to look very, very well at what the different coverages cover and whatnot since in many cases we must pay excesses for accidents and damages that can be expensive. A little trick is that there are certain cards such as the American Express Platinum and other similar ones that, simply by paying the rent with the card, have all the necessary insurance included, and you don’t need to add more.
  • Car rental outside of Spain: In these cases, I advise you to obtain an international driving license for about 10 euros directly at the DGT (in some countries it is an essential requirement). You will also need the DNI or Passport, and a credit card (all in the same name as the main driver).
  • Take as many photos as possible and report the initial damage: I always recommend taking all possible photos of the vehicle when it is collected (especially the blows it already has), as well as the mileage and gasoline counter. The same when returning it, to avoid extra costs. Make a record of absolutely everything that is seen in the car (even if it is a minimal scratch).

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