New car price guide: real deals and ghost deals

The war on prices in the automotive world is frenzied and thanks to this the competitiveness that reigns in the sector has made us talk about increasingly attractive prices. However, it is important to emphasize that the unrepeatable bargain that is sold so much is very rarely real. Therefore, we are going to clearly and concisely address how and when we can benefit from real price reductions when it comes to buying a new car.

The truth behind the bargain in the new car

There are many discounts, promotions and offers, although they are not always really interesting since they are either associated with versions or configurations of little commercial relevance or they hide small print that implies financing, special conditions, etc. Thus, discounts when buying a new car are applied directly by the brand and its points of sale , making it impossible for the buyer to reach a better price externally since it would mean adding a new intermediary in the equation.

This leads us to seriously question all those unbeatable promotions on new vehicles that are offered on different platforms or sales channels other than the official ones of a manufacturer. The markdown margins that manufacturers and dealers are playing with are already pretty tight, so knockdown deals on new cars rarely correspond to truly affordable cars, versions and configurations . At this point, the quality and assistance in the purchase, or even the possible added services, becomes much more important than achieving that theoretical unbeatable price. Let’s see then where we can find a better and true offer.

The other “new” cars: the stock vehicle

If we are really looking for a better price on a new car, the key is in the stock or zero kilometer cars. It is in these two types of “new” vehicles where we can find better prices than those of the tariff or the so striking promotions. The reasons are simple and is that these types of vehicles are already manufactured and even registered, so they already have a commercial expiration date and therefore are cars that both manufacturers and dealers sell with better conditions. 

If we focus on cars in stock, we find new vehicles that have been manufactured according to an order placed by a dealer in order to achieve their sales objectives and offer their customers the most immediate delivery possible. 

We talk about cars whose customization is minimal because their color, equipment, and the engine configuration is already invariable, adjusting that choice to the criteria of the dealer. As a general rule, stock cars are cars configured to be easily salable, with a level of equipment, finish, and engine that responds to the average customer. 

This means that if we are looking for a special car or a very specific version or configuration, it will be very difficult for us to find our car among the stock of a manufacturer. But all this has an enormous advantage, and that is that when talking about a car already manufactured, we are dealing with a new car that the manufacturer needs to sell in a certain period of time so that it is not out of date due to a range renewal, redesign or update. 

So these models often offer discounts with respect to the new car ordered from the factory, also allowing additional discounts from third parties in order to give the product a quick exit.

Many price comparators offer this type of vehicle, already configured, already in stock and located in a specific point of the geography as the “best offer” for a new car for that model. The trick is that you will have to keep that exact unit and fetch it from the other side of the country , which makes the offer meaningless in most cases.

Zero kilometer cars: the real best deal

Finally, we cannot forget about the zero kilometer cars, cars similar to stock cars but that have been registered for show functions, tests, exhibitions, etc. These cars have the handicap of having a valid registration, which means granting a start date that depreciates their final value, all the more so the more time passes from the date of first registration. 

Thanks to this situation, the buyer can save the registration procedures, in addition to benefiting from greater urgency at the point of sale to liquidate this type of car. With respect to the car in stock, the supply of zero kilometer cars is lower and their supply is also scarcer due to the fact that they have a smaller fleet and greater interest from buyers due to the discount they can offer from directly or through intermediaries.

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