Real Review of the 2020 Chevy Blazer

Chevy Blazer is appreciated by new major changes. The major update derives in the form of a turbocharged engine possibility that improves engine power at a reasonable price rate. Several other updates come in new models including a new trailer hitch direction system with tow package, and a software change. Moreover, three exciting colors have added to the list.

Performance, Transmission, Towing, and Engine:

Chevy Blazer offers a regular 193-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder powerful engine with an optional 308-hp 3.6-liter V-6 model. Both engines are a duo with nine-speed programmed conduction, but the V-6 is only accessible with an all-wheel-drive option.

The front-drive version has enough power for driving around town and thoroughfare duty. However, the optional powerful engine delivers inspiring speed and gives superfluous confidence on the road.

With even control and correct navigation, the Chevy Blazer is the best driving car. With advanced steering and fine-tuning, It is composed and quick responsive on twisting sections of the road. Its 18-inches wheels offer a smoother and soundless ride. The navigation’s accurate response is sustaining during strong sessions yet fluid at low rapidity. Its steady brake pedal instantly responded to inputs.

Interior, Cargo, and Infotainment:

The Chevy Blazer design is impressively similar to the Camaro. It has a native temperature-control system that features round air vents under the central stack. These air vents can be changed to adjust the climate settings.

The Chevy Blazer also provide desired content, such as heated and ventilated from seats, ambient internal lighting, and excited back seats. The front seats of the vehicle seem small that lacked sustenance; however, the back seats have sufficient space that is quite comfortable.

Safety and Driver-assistance Features:

The Chevy Blazer has not been crash-tested yet, but it is expected to change. Though some models lose out on driver assists, however, the other models are standing with blind-spot monitoring, rear parking devices, and rear cross-traffic signals. Unluckily, only the RS and Premier model provide the most developed driver assists technology. Its basic safety features include:

  • Forward-crash alert and automatic emergency slow down
  • Lane-departure alert and lane-protection support
  • Adaptive trip control

Chevrolet Blazer Pricing in 2020:

Official Chevrolet’s model pricing of 2020 is impending, but it is expected that Chevrolet’s model with new updates will give the consumer a less costly way into a more dominant engine.

If you already have Blazer and are ready to pay more for it, it is suggested to go with a V-6 powered model.

Warranty and Maintenance reporting:

The Chevy Blazer has the usual Chevrolet warranty strategy that contains reasonable limited and powertrain reporting as well as one free organized preservations visit. It also has five years of roadside support.

  • Limited warranty insures 36,000 miles or 3 years
  • Powertrain warranty insures 60,000 miles or 5 years
  • Free preservation ensures one scheduled visit in the first year


  • The Blazer interior suffers from several serious material issues.
  • The front-seats are very unsupportive and awkward.
  • Smaller engine work only for front-drive.
  • Slow transmission responses.
  • Outsized wheels disturb ride quality.
  • It is an expensive vehicle.

The Bottom Line

The Chevy Blazer 2020 perfectly combines luxury with utility, which results in a great family car. Its large size makes it a special and suitable choice for city driving. Its powerful engine makes drive smoother and easier. With a wide variety of features, it is a suitable vehicle for long-distance trips with family.

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