The 10 mistakes we make when buying a car

Buying a car is not an easy decision. We must know if we want a new or pre-owned car , the model, the capacity and even the color. For this reason it is very common to make several mistakes when choosing our ideal vehicle.

This time we want to share the most common mistakes when buying a car and how you can solve them. Remember that when you buy a car, you should not stay with the first option , because probably after a while you will think that it was not a good purchase.

Errors when buying a new car

Due to the difference between buying a new car and a used one , first we will show you the usual mistakes when buying a new car and below you will see the most common mistakes with a pre-owned car.

Test drive before you buy

Let’s start with the most common mistake, not taking a test drive. Sellers at an agency will always be willing to give you a test drive.

A test drive is essential to know the operation of a car. In it you can decide if that car is really for you, you feel happy in it and if it accommodates your needs . If the dealer doesn’t offer you a test drive, ask for it!

Check the acceleration, the brakes, if the space is suitable for you and if they allow you to turn on the infotainment system. We share with you a complete guide so that you know what to check during a test drive.

Compare prices and not just the car

This is basic, not only in the purchase of cars but in any purchase. It is important that you know in what price, characteristics and / or conditions are other vehicles similar or equal to the one you want to buy.

This will help you make sure that you are buying the best at a standard price on the market. Compare, ask, and research , so you are one step closer to acquiring a good car.

And it is not only about the price of the car, you can also compare the price of car insurance, the methods to obtain it, and even the commissions.

Think about who will use the car

family car is not the same as a vehicle for traveling on the road. Thinking only of our tastes and comfort is another common mistake when buying a car.

If the vehicle will only be for you, maybe you can skip this advice but if you want a car for your family, you should consider the space for each member.

Think carefully about the greatest use you will put it. Research which vehicles are designed for each situation. For example, if you live in a large city with a lot of traffic, you probably want a car for the city , small, efficient and economical.

Performance is always important

Gasoline is probably one of the most costly factors for car owners. That’s why not considering performance is a serious mistake when buying a car. It is essential that you know the exact consumption of your car and make calculations to know how much it will cost during the month or fortnight. If you think it is too much, it is best that you look for another option.

You can lean on our selection of the best fuel efficient cars 2019 to make a more informed decision.

Don’t get carried away by “promotions”

It is true that each brand and agency has very good promotions, but you should not be guided by the emotion of the moment and decide on a “discount”.

This point is very important because if you get carried away by false promotions or fraudulent credit , you can live an unpleasant experience.

Review the purchase options

Analyze the financing options that dealerships offer you and check that they fit your budget so that paying for your car does not become torture.

There are four ways to acquire a car : auto credit and leasing, self-financing and of course, buying it for cash.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but you should check the one that best suits your needs. In an auto lease , you can deduct monthly rents, maintenance costs, and a percentage of the insurance.

Look for a landlord like Nexu , that offers you approval facilities as well as the necessary invoicing to obtain the greatest tax benefit.

Mistakes when buying a pre-owned car

Let’s move on to the most common mistakes when buying a car but now let’s talk about a pre-owned. On this occasion we are dealing with a vehicle that has already had previous owners, so we must take special precaution.

We share a complete guide to buying a used car so that you know how to compare options, models and make the best choice.

Do a general review

Some people sell their car because it fails a lot or it has a very high mileage. When you go to buy a used car, it is best to ask a trusted mechanic to check that the car is in proper condition for use.

Choose a reliable agency or lot

Going to a trustworthy place is vitally important when it comes to buying a used car. We must be sure that if something bad happens, we can go for a guarantee . Unreliable lots do not provide this option and we can lose our money in addition to the bad time.

The price is always negotiable

It is almost always possible to negotiate the price of a car, especially a used one, so you should not stop doing it. Analyze the situation and offer an amount according to the price they offer you.

Check the car’s documentation

Having all the car papers in order is essential to buying a used car. The seller’s word is not enough. Check that payments such as tenures, checks and fines are up to date and that the car does not have any reports of theft.

Take these mistakes in to account and learn from them. In this way, your chances of acquiring a car that does not meet your expectations will be less.

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