The 10 most expensive cars in auction history

The € 32 million paid for a 1957 Ferrari 33 Spider Scaglietti is the highest amount officially reached by car in a bid.

Within the framework of Rétromobile Paris, the classic car show in the French capital, the Artcurial auction house launched several models to the competition of the highest bidder. Among the cars offered was a 1957 Ferrari 335 Spider Scaglietti that reached a final price never seen to date in this type of sales: 32 million euros .

Since then, many voices have wondered if you can get to pay so much for a vehicle, or even if a car can be considered a work of art. The answer is clear, a product is worth what the buyer considers appropriate to pay , and here are joined arguments that favor its price increase, such as the elegance of its lines, the history behind this construction, and above all, the scarcity of units of this model that have remained over the years in a state so faithful to its creation.

This has led to many investors, beyond motor racing fans themselves, who have seen this sector as a place to invest in the hope of recovering their investment in the future. The automobile is already a direct rival to the world of paint, gold, or construction as a place to invest, or even to speculate.

The model that the whole world discovered a couple of months ago is a Ferrari 335 Spider Scaglietti , that is, a competition vehicle, which participated in the first major motorsport prizes, at the dawn of Formula 1 competitions , and when still competitions were styled linking cities separated by several hundred kilometers and disputed by roads of normal traffic.

This was a unit that allowed Ferrari to win the constructors’ title in 1957 in F1 , and that stepped on the podium in the tests in Cuba, Venezuela and Sweden. However, it also signed one of the most tragic chapters in the history of motorsport, when in the 1957 Mille Miglia, the Spaniard Alfonso de Portago suffered an accident that killed the driver himself, his co-driver and nine fans. Recall that Alfonso de Portago was the only driver who had been on a Formula One podium, before Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa did in the modern era.

But this Ferrari is not the only car that has been paid a millionaire. There are many classic cars that have exceeded the price of ten million euros at auctions or after paying the price set by the owner.


A very popular model back in the 60s of which only 37 units were built. Its design arose from the pencils of Scaglietti, one of the most recognized designers of the Italian firm. It was sold for € 14.95 million in 2015 at an auction organized by Gooding & Company.

9. FERRARI 250 LM 1964

One of the last vehicles with which Ferrari participated in the 24 hours of Le Mans, in the highest category and officially. It was acquired by the Fry family and kept competing in the UK until 1984. It fetched € 15.64 million ($ 17.6 million) at an auction organized by RM Auctions in New York in 2015.

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