The good, the bad and the ugly of buying a new car that is about to be renovated

It is likely that more than one has happened to you that just a few months or even weeks after buying your car of the year, you have seen in the dealerships or the streets a totally new model and different from yours. Or you were informed that a change would come and even so instead of waiting for the new model you decided to go with the one that was going out.

We analyze the advantages and disadvantages that you could find if you do this, since honestly you can get a lot out of it, or feel bad for not having waited long enough for a newer model and that you like better.

Generational cycles

In the automotive industry, cars generally have cycles that range from their presentation and arrival at dealerships, minor cosmetic changes each year and at least one cosmetic change, of engines or some more relevant function or equipment in the middle of their life cycle; followed by more details per year until its cycle ends and a new generation arrives .

These cycles, depending on the car and brand, can last between five and eight years , although of course, there are cars in which it happens before or a long time later.

The improvements can vary, ranging from better use of space, the use of a new platform, better engines, more equipment and more, although it is not always a total revolution .

What are the advantages of buying a car that is about to end its cycle?

On this side of the scale you can find attractive discounts on all ranges, or promotions that make it easier for you to buy or maintain the car. Generally, this happens so that dealers do not run out of back inventory and have room for new ones, which will be the new sales force for the brand and the dealer.

You can find bonuses, insurance promotions, maintenance packages, the application of an optional gift or more accessible options for car financing. This varies according to the model and brand, as there will be some that give you very good promotions and others that simply will not apply any.

Also, there are great possibilities of being able to take a car with a greater equipment to the car of equivalent price of the new generation. In 99% of the times there is a change of this type, the new model arrives with a higher price in all its versions. So maybe in the outgoing generation you can take the top of the range, while in the incoming you will be in the price range of some intermediate version.

On the side of spare parts , it may be easier to find for a car that has been on the market for a long time, if you require any shortly after buying it, in addition, the lack of them should not be a problem, because by law , spare parts must exist up to 15 years after a certain model ceased production.

Finally, there are those who say that a car that has already been on sale for several years is more proven in any situation, since the last assembled models come with fewer problems of all kinds, because the problems of the first batches have already been corrected. To some extent it has a bit of veracity, however, recently the problems that characterized the first batches of a new generation cars have been disappearing due to the more rigorous testing processes and standards that manufacturers must follow. In addition, they themselves do not want their first products to go wrong and create a bad image in the future.

What are the advantages of waiting for the next generation to arrive?

On the other side of the scale we can find the arrival of all the new components and materials that can make the car better. If you can afford the price increase of the new model, then you will be purchasing a more current product, with improved systems and equipment .

The trend is to make engines more and more efficient without sacrificing power, so it is likely that the newer car has an engine that helps you reduce fuel consumption and is probably lighter, thus improving the quality of driving. It is not the case for all, because some keep the same platform and engine, and just give it a new tune-up, but generally there will be an improvement, even a small one, but it improves at the end of the day.

The devaluation can be an important factor, always a current pre – owned car, you tend to keep a little more of their value over previous generation model. If you plan to keep the car for a short time, then consider this factor.

Finally, a bit on the subjective side, but which for many has great implications, is that you will have a car that looks more current and for which there will constantly be some improvements that you can buy as an option.

So, do I wait for the new one or do I stay with the one that leaves?

Choose the car that meets your needs and that you can afford in the best way.

It’s a matter of perspective and understanding what you really need . If your liquidity is good, you can and want to absorb the price increase, then do not hesitate and look for a more current version. On the other hand, if you prefer to save a little and slightly sacrifice a couple of improvements, go with the model that is on the way out. The models that are coming out do not leave because they are no longer efficient, safe or able to continue with us. They simply obey the consumer rules, as we have had examples of cars that have lasted more than 10 years in the same way and are still good buys.

These cars will be able to continue standing for many years and not give you major problems until a revolution suddenly arrives in which they instantly become obsolete, and clearly that will not happen easily.

Speaking from my trench, I decided to buy a SEAT Ibiza FR SC, one of the last ones produced before the arrival of the fifth generation. I got a not inconsiderable discount and took home the most complete car for 60,000 less than what the equivalent FR of the current generation costs. The equipment is similar in both, with the new one having a slight advantage.

Where it is most noticeable is in the engine section, because with one less cylinder and a new platform, the most recent one is more efficient and spacious. However, even with the old 1.2 TSI engine the consumptions are low, the equipment is good, the safety is slightly above average and the handling is fun. It also covers my needs without any problem.

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