The greatest innovations made in cars

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, each of the aspects of our lives are changed by new devices, apps and tools that facilitate our day to day.

One of the industries that could not be out of the frenzy is the automotive industry; in which each year the automakers surpass themselves to bring new cars to the market with the latest technology.

From electric cars with greater autonomy to vehicles that drive themselves. Nor can we forget the multiple and increasingly advanced infotainment devices; In this article we want to collect all those technological advances made in automobiles.

Electric cars

The supply of electric cars in Mexico is growing, but if we look at this market at a global level, the level increases considerably.

Tesla along with General Motors and Toyota are competing to dominate this emerging market with more affordable prices and a larger network of charging stations.

Wireless Internet Connection

The quality and strength of Wi-Fi in a car has improved over the years. Before, it was aspiring to have a few megabytes when going out for a walk in the city and now the power of the network is already measured in gigabytes no matter where we are circulating.

It is increasingly common to see passengers connected to the network listening to music or watching movies. The wireless Internet network also opens up a world of possibilities for in-vehicle entertainment, advertising and marketing.

Compatibility with Smartphones

Smartphones are an essential device in the lives of citizens of large cities. Its use in vehicles was simply undeniable, always trying to ensure their safety and usability.

Device compatibility today enables passengers and drivers to make voice or video calls, receive and send messages, and use applications; all from the dashboard of the car.

Body design

In many futuristic movies, we saw out-of-the-box cars, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes spectacular. The design of cars is getting closer and closer to the visions of science fiction film directors.

Just to mention a few examples are the vehicles that seem from the future such as the uni or two-seater equipped with autonomous driving and their counterpart, one-piece bodies simulating a floating car.

Panoramic roofs

In the fifties, sunroofs began to be used on a regular basis in all types of cars, now with the advancement of technology, panoramic roofs that allow a vision of almost 180 ° degrees on the roof are more and more common.

In fact, many brands are already working on glass with adjustable transparency to calibrate the sunlight that enters the interior of the car either on the roof or on the windshields and windows.

360-degree cameras It

It all started with the reverse camera to assist the driver when parking, now the cars have alert sensors on any object that approaches their periphery.

The cameras and sensors greatly improve the safety and vision of drivers by eliminating, among many other things, the much-feared blind spot. An example is BMW’s autonomous vehicle with sensors throughout the body allowing any object to be seen on the road.

Fuel economy Fuel

consumption is of vital importance to drivers. There are already cars with good performance on the market , however, brands add an eco assist driving mode in which fuel consumption is improved even more.

Autonomous vehicles

We wanted to leave to last one of the biggest bets of the automotive brands, the autonomous vehicles. The technology that allows cars to circulate without the need for a driver is already a reality.

Tesla, Volkswagen, and even Google have already tested their autonomous models on roads and streets in the United States and Europe.

We live in an age where technology becomes obsolete in just months as improvements appear faster and faster. The challenge for the automotive industry, for now, will be to improve coexistence with the environment and circulation in large cities.

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