The maintenance you should give to an electric car

Electric cars are becoming part of our daily life. The sales of these renewable energy vehicles is increasing every year.

One of the reasons is that prices are becoming more accessible, in addition to the tax benefits obtained by deducting taxes.

In this article we want to share some maintenance tips for electric cars . This is some advice from owners that tell us what are the main care we must take.

It should be noted that in this article we will focus on electric vehicles only. On another occasion we will address the care of hybrid cars.


Cooling the main component of every electric car is undoubtedly the battery and for it to work it must have coolant. Most electric cars must renew the coolant every 170,000 kilometers.

After having changed it for the first time now you must change it every 120 thousand kilometers.

Air filter The air

A filter is very important in an electric car. Its function, as its name implies, filters the air that enters the battery compartment and prevents small fragments from entering that could damage the car.

Like an internal combustion car, it is best to change the air filter every 12 thousand kilometers.

Brake fluid The brake

Fluid as in any car must be at its point. It is recommended to change the brake fluid every 50 thousand kilometers. If you realize it, a conventional car should be renewed less frequently. This is because the braking system works differently and there is not as much wear.

The vast majority of cars have regenerative braking that uses the car’s inertia to charge the battery and use it at the next start.


They may be a little less precious in your care but tires should always be on the list of things to attend to. It is the only system that has contact with the road where we move and therefore must be in the best conditions.

Tires in poor condition can affect battery consumption and wear . It is best to always be careful that the tread of the tire is never below 2 millimeters.

We share a complete guide to the care that you should give to your tires to get the most out of them.

What should we avoid changing in an electric car?

One of the maintenance advantages of an electric car is that we should not change the oil or filters because the wear is minimal.

The same is true for timing bands and brake pads. This peculiarity happens because almost all electric vehicles have a system in which the alternator helps to stop the car . This process is carried out so that the inertial force is absorbed and stored in the batteries.

Another advantage of electric cars is that they do not have a transmission, clutch, muffler and exhaust pipe, so their maintenance should not concern us.

Evolution of electric cars

One of the clear benefits of electric vehicles is their low ecological impact since they do not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere. Despite this benefit, they have a clear disadvantage compared to combustion vehicles and it is the autonomy of their batteries.

In addition to autonomy, the cost of spare parts and of the battery itself also put electric car lovers into question. An incentive could be the low cost of the electric charge compared to fuels such as gasoline or diesel.

We must also consider that at the moment the batteries for electric cars are in full development and it will not be long before they create batteries with greater autonomy, more compact, and lower prices.

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