Traveling with children: Tips for a safe trip

Winter is coming to an end, and with his departure, the desire to make that getaway we have been wanting for so long grows. In addition, the proximity of certain bridges and the summer holidays make us finally start planning those relaxing days. 

There are many people who plan their getaways with their vehicle; Although that means, on many occasions, driving for long hours, the comfort offered by enjoying our car exclusively is, for many, decisive.

Traveling with children can be an added difficulty to our trip by car. The impatience that characterizes the little ones, together with the desire for the trip to be carried out as safely as possible, can arouse different fears in parents. 

However, we can minimize these factors by carrying out a series of useful and simple tips, which will make our trip take place in a safer and more beneficial way.

Tips for traveling with children

1-Plan the trip in advance

Whether traveling with children or not, travel planning should be done well in advance to be able to have most of the factors under control. Especially the route that we must follow, the day and time of departure (coinciding, if possible, with the sleep time of the little ones), and everything that we must prepare for it. 

However, when traveling with children, this advance planning is especially important. In addition to planning all the details of our trip, it is advisable to anticipate this situation to the little ones; Explaining that we will make a long trip is of vital importance so that they can know what is going to happen and impatience takes longer to make an appearance. 

When planning the route, we must choose the safest roads, which also have service stations and other rest areas to stretch the legs, go to the toilet and have a snack. Children demand more frequent stops, so we must take this into account. 

Never travel with loose objects, or put luggage or pets in the vehicle next to the little ones. In the event of braking or impact, they can be thrown and seriously injure the child.

2- It is time to perform a review of our vehicle

What better way to increase the safety of our trip than to carry out a review the days before its start? In this way, we can start it with the assurance that our wheels, engine and fluids are in perfect condition. 

3- Safety, the key aspect

The DGT establishes mandatory rules regarding children’s car travel. Among them, it is mandatory to use approved child restraint systems (CRS) that meet the basic requirements for child safety. These restraint systems should be chosen based on the age and / or weight of the child, and installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

In addition, we should not add other accessories other than the essential ones, as they can reduce the safety of our little ones. In the event of an accident, and whenever possible, the child must be removed from the accident car  in its child restraint system, and the child must never be carried in the arms (except for imminent risks).

Remember that the chair is mandatory up to 1.5 meters tall; Before this occurs, the seat belt will not do its job. 

Using a proper CRS is the safest way to travel with children.

4- The co-pilot, ready to entertain

We know that the impatience of the little ones will come soon. Their pleas can be too stressful for the driver, which can interfere with the way they drive and, ultimately, the safety of everyone in the vehicle and on the road we are traveling on. Therefore, the co-pilot must have a leading role to mediate and entertain the most impatient. 

5- Control the temperature

Controlling all the factors that can modify the environment inside the vehicle is of vital importance to guarantee a comfortable and safe trip. Controlling the temperature, keeping it between 21 and 23º and avoiding direct air conditioning, rolling up the windows to avoid strong winds, and avoiding abruptness in our driving can bring peace of mind to all travelers. 

6- Light diet, good hydration and continuous stops

We know that, when taking a long trip, attending to our needs is a key factor in avoiding distractions. When we travel with children, these needs become more important, and can occur more frequently. For this reason, it is necessary to take the necessary time to make stops every hour and a half or two hours, go to the bathroom, eat something light and hydrate with water (avoiding sugary drinks) and eat some fruit . In addition, these stops will serve to distract the little ones and control their impatience, so that we can continue our trip with greater peace of mind. 

7- Tablet, mobile, portable TV

We must never carry loose objects inside the vehicle, any device that we put so that children can entertain themselves must be well fixed and never leave it in their hands. If your vehicle does not have removable TV screens, you will need to attach the device to the rear of the front seat. For safety reasons, it acquires the devices with accessories adapted to anchor them to the vehicle.

Traveling with children is a very good idea if we put these tips into practice and prepare to enjoy the experience of traveling as a family. The experience will be very enriching for everyone. Good trip!

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