Turn signals: How to use them effectively?

When we circulate on any road, we are part of a set of elements that need to be coordinated so that traffic can occur in the safest way possible for everyone. Communication with other vehicles that share space, and even with passersby, must be fluid and constant. The vehicles have different elements to announce our maneuvers, getting others to adapt to them. Turn signals are a good example.

It doesn’t matter where we drive; urban, interurban and / or highway. There are countless moments in which the turn signals must reflect our maneuvers before carrying them out, trying to avoid possible collisions and / or other incidents that may have consequences on our march. All motor vehicles have these yellow lights, although their activation depends on the will of the driver. It is important, therefore, to know when to activate them.

When to use the turn signals?

In general, the turn signals should be used every time we want to leave the lane in which we are traveling, either to continue our course by another or to change our direction. We will activate the indicator corresponding to the side where we deviate, so that the rest of the drivers, and even pedestrians, can advance our intentions.

The maneuvers that require the use of the turn signals are:

In changes of direction

It occurs when we want to leave the road on which we are circulating, to turn towards a perpendicular street . In this case, in addition to getting as close as possible to the side to which we want to perform the maneuver, we must activate the indicator and make sure that there is no vehicle that could hinder our task.

To leave a roundabout

Entering a roundabout without taking into account the highway code can endanger our integrity. In it, there are many vehicles that must communicate in the same period of time. In addition to driving in the lane closest to the exit, we must indicate our intention to abandon it by means of the indicators . In this way, cars driving behind will be able to slow down, avoiding possible collisions.

To skip

Overtaking occurs very frequently, and if not done properly, it can pose a driving hazard. Indicators are key to optimally managing this situation. We must activate them before starting the maneuver, and stop them once we have completely finished overtaking . In this way, the vehicle ahead will know our intentions at all times and will adapt its speed to them.

To change lanes

Changing the lane in which we are traveling can be a dangerous action if we do not signal our intentions. The turn signal is basic for this. It must be activated seconds before starting the change, and even making variations in our speed . Even so, we must make sure that the lane in which we want to circulate is free of vehicles, without the change posing a risk.

To park / exit parking

As soon as we get to the side of a free car park that we want to occupy, we must activate the indicator on the corresponding side to signal our intentions. In this way, we will avoid obstructing traffic on the road and causing possible accidents.

Likewise, when leaving our parking place, we must also activate them to warn all those drivers who circulate on the same road.

Does activating the intermittent grant priority of passage?

No, in no case, activating the indicator gives priority. The blinker warns the rest of the road users of my intentions, but does not oblige others to give way to change lanes or join the movement from a parking lot.

Can we be fined for not using them?

Yes! The General Traffic Regulation establishes that the use of turn signals is mandatory, so there may be penalties in case of not carrying it out. The penalties can range between 80 and 200 euros, depending on the severity of the maneuver and / or the misuse or absence of the indication.

At carsnews4u we are committed to a safe and efficient circulation, which allows us to enjoy our car and the driving experience. The use of turn signals will not only save us a possible fine; Much more important than this, it will reduce the chances of suffering an accident, establishing fluid communication between all the elements that are on the road in which we circulate and thus improving our safety.

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