What are car blind spots and how to avoid them?

Every person who learns to drive a car has heard about car blind spots. Knowing what they are and how to avoid them is very important to reduce the risk of having an accident.

What are blind spots?

Let’s first explain what blind spots are. These are areas outside the driver’s field of vision that are not visible either with the help of the side and rear view mirrors.

For example, the areas covered by the posts on each side of the car’s body prevent the driver from having a view of this space. It is estimated that the pole on the driver’s side prevents vision from an angle of between 10 to 15 degrees, enough to lose sight of a motorcycle or a pedestrian.

The larger the hood or hood of the car can also create a blind spot . This is the reason why vans with high tops and especially trailers and trucks have a very wide blind spot in front of the vehicle.

The side mirrors also generate blind spots or dead spots as they are also known. Even if the sides and the rear-view mirror are well placed, they do not allow the driver a complete view of everything that surrounds the car.

How to reduce the blind spots of the car?

If you want to be a good driver , you must know how to minimize blind spots to improve your safety. From attaching the side mirrors to driving assistants they can help you reduce blind spots.

Accommodate the seat

It is necessary to clarify that the seat position should not be used as a way to reduce the blind spots of the car. The seat position only responds to driving comfort , you must move it so that you are able to reach the pedals and manipulate the steering wheel easily.

Place the mirrors

The side mirrors and the rear view mirror are the devices of the car that must be moved in order to improve your vision of the environment on your way.

  • Lateral mirrors. In the horizontal position, the side mirrors should be positioned so that only a small fraction of the rear of the car is visible .Although there are many people who do not recommend this advice, seeing a fraction of your car will help you to locate yourself spatially and to more easily know your distance from other vehicles and objects.Vertically, the side mirrors should allow you to see the vehicles behind you . It is important to clarify that this optimal vision must be present when you are sitting comfortably.
  • Rearview. The rear-view mirror must be positioned so as to have a complete view of what is happening behind our vehicle. The rear posts of the car can be a guide, one should be visible on each side of the mirror.It is a mistake to use the rear view mirror to see the passengers in the rear seats. We only need to see the upper part of the headrests of the seats and have as wide a view as possible of the rear window.

Turn the head

The truth is that even with well-placed mirrors we cannot eliminate blind spots 100%. To do this, it will be necessary to look to the side, at the height of the rear window, to observe any vehicle that does not appear in the side mirrors or in the rear view mirror.

It is clear that this movement must be carried out in a fraction of a second and only in times of lane change and if we are going to turn on a street.

A safe space should always be left with the vehicle in front at all times. This will help you turn more safely. In addition, we must avoid making this movement when the front vehicle is stopped or turns on its brake lights.

Lean forward

If for some reason we cannot turn our heads to look into the blind spot, another way to reduce the blind spot is to lean forward to get a broader view of the vehicles on our side.

It is necessary to clarify that this technique is not 100% reliable because if even leaning, the vehicle remains out of our vision and accelerates the moment we change lanes, we run the risk of suffering a collision.

Use directionals

To almost completely reduce the risk of an accident from blind spots is to use the car’s turn signals. In this way, we warn the driver which way to turn.

For example, in the case of the previous advice, if the driver accelerates just as we change lanes, if we activate the directional signals before making our movement, it will prevent the driver from accelerating.

Blind Spot Sensors

Today there are many security systems in the car to take care of our integrity. The best known are blind spot or motion sensors.

Basically these sensors monitor the presence of other vehicles around us and in the event of a possible collision, they warn the driver with an audible or visual signal. There are even systems capable of correcting the steering of the vehicle in order to avoid the incident.

Convex mirrors

They are smaller mirrors which are placed on top of the side mirrors to expand the field of vision. As their name says, they are convex in shape, among other reasons, to increase the range of vision and to be able to differentiate the reflection between both mirrors.

Truck blind spots

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that the blind spots for trailers and trucks are much wider.

Although they use more devices to expand their field of vision, as drivers, we must avoid staying in the blind spots of these large vehicles, and in case of passing them, do so as soon as possible.

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