What does your car model say about your personality?

The color and model of car you drive can say a lot about your personality. Your tastes, your character, your way of facing life and the way in which you relate to others are written on the vehicle you have chosen.

Of course, we do not mean the registration, of course.

As you can see, this week we have become something transcendental. Don’t take it too seriously. As you can imagine, there are studios for all tastes and colors.

Different Personality according to your car

One of the most striking aspects in this area is the number of studies that analyze the personality of cars and their drivers.

Cars with personality

In fact, a study published in 2010 by the University of Florida confirmed that human beings identify a human or animal face on the front of cars and attribute personality to it, which is why we feel closer or distant from some models or models. others.

The movie “Cars” is an example taken to the extreme; However, this phenomenon is as recurrent in the world of cinema as in reality.

As an example, and according to the aforementioned study, 96% of the respondents agreed that a certain vehicle was either dominant or submissive.

Personality according to your car

A few years ago, Forbes magazine reported on the study carried out by the North American market research company Strategic Vision. His study – called New Vehicle Experience – attributed certain car brands and models to a driver profile.

Thus, the Porches were closely tied to success. The Honda were attributed to practicality and confidence, the Mini brought together a group of drivers, including brand enthusiasts, design fans or people concerned about pollution, who opted for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

On the other hand, some statistics also attribute a certain character to drivers, depending on the car they choose. Thus, it is often spoken, for example, of:

  • More pragmatic or optimizing drivers, when choosing a family vehicle with a large boot for a couple with children.
  • Independent drivers, when opting for a utility or compact.
  • Passionate motorists, mostly men who focus their attention on reliable sports cars with excellent design.

Car color and personality

The investigations that exist regarding the personality according to the color of the car are not too far behind in their conclusions.

A decade ago, Faconauto (Federation of Associations of Automotive Dealers) prepared a study that ensured that color was a deciding factor in the choice of car, over safety.

But that is not all!

Certain colors seem to be associated with a characteristic lifestyle and personality.

  • Black and dark blue inspire sobriety, status and a sense of elegance often seen in high-end saloons.
  • On the other hand, year after year, gray is among the colors most chosen by drivers around the world; mostly middle class. It seems that, being a very long-suffering color, it is very practical, since the dirt is less noticeable.

However, there are also more reasons to choose a gray or silver hue. According to a study conducted by the University of Auckland, these colors are considered the safest and inspire a certain futuristic air.

  • Optimistic and vital people tend to favor bright and metallic colors, the latter being the case of those who like to be the center of attention on the road.
  • The joy is also reflected in the white, although this color is also attributed to a certain indecision on the part of the driver.
  • Red is a color associated with dynamism and even aggressiveness. Not for nothing is it relatively common among sports cars.

Did you know…?

There is a myth among drivers, according to which the color of the car influences the insurance premium.

It is an urban legend. According to the European Automobile Commission (CEA), the vast majority of vehicle insurers do not take into account the color of the body, but rather the profile of the person who takes out the insurance.

A different aspect is the fact that a certain risk driver profile – such as young people – has a predilection for some specific colors: black, red and yellow.

However, it is your profile and not the color that determines the cost of the insurance premium.

Car color according to sex

Apparently, sex also influences the choice of color.

  • Men are more inclined towards dark tones, while women identify more with light colors.
  • In the event that the decision is made as a couple, it is she who usually chooses the final color, which is why family vehicles tend to have rather light, white or gray tones.

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